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I Cell Salts for

Pain and Stress

Cell salts address numerous imbalances of the minerals and electrolytes of the tissues. Safe and effective, we will explore cell salts for pain and stress, emotional stress, cramps and pain, also for pregnant women, children and babies. As cell salts come in a base of lactose powder, we will address how to prepare them for people with lactose intolerance.  With an emphasis on the phosphates.

2 hours, $ 55

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II Cell Salts for


and Inflammation

Cell salts are among the safest, most effective natural remedies for treating the different stages of infection, from the initial stages, the viral stage and then the bacterial superinfections. It has a very detailed system of using the colors of discharge of the tissues as a guide to picking the right cell salt. In this training, we will pay particular attention to questions of how to strengthen the organism against COVID 19 and how to support the tissues in case of infection. With an emphasis on the sulphates.  

2 hours, $ 55

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