Natural Virus Care
Video Class

In times of corona virus, this is a concise self-help class covering natural remedies to support the immune system and boost resistance to viral infections. Foods and spices, herbs, essential oils, homeopathics, celll salts and more.


All proceeds from this class will go to support the free Naturopathic Clinic in Haiti, which services the poor in their fight against corona virus.

1 1/2 hours

suggested donation US $ 15 - 50

Donate and you will receive a password one week before each webinar. The transaction will show on your bank statement as Jacquelin Guiteau

US $ 15

US $ 20

US $ 30

US $ 50

About Us 


Dedicated to providing advanced education on botanicals and 

pure, high vibrational flower essences for healers, body workers, and everyone wishing to heal their body-mind emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.

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